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"If You Want to Be Paid the MOST You Need To Visit Silver Coast."


For decades, Silver Coast Coins has been assisting customers interested in selling their new or used, damaged or broken jewelry. Trusted for 40 years, Silver Coast Coins works closely with many local banks, trusts, attorneys, and churches, among thousands of loyal customers. We only use state licensed permitted scales and up to the second spot gold prices! This allows customers to get the most for gold jewelry. We show you exactly what the current spot gold price is, tell you exactly what we're paying per ounce, and weigh your jewelry right in front of you. No back rooms and no games. If you decided you want to sell your jewelry or just curious as to its current value, Silver Coast Coins is here to help.

Let us tell you exactly what your items are worth in today’s Gold and Silver market. Silver Coast Coins provides 100% free appraisals for all jewelry. Should you have 1 item or 100 or more, we will be happy to tell you its value absolutely free of charge. If you decide you’d like to sell your items, Silver Coast Coins will pay cash money directly to you. Silver Coast Coins also offers the option to trade your jewelry for Gold or Silver Bullion. If you would rather trade your jewelry for Gold or Silver coins, we can assist you and answer any of questions. The choice is all yours. We've been in business for 40 years paying thousands of customers millions of dollars for their jewelry. Our reputation speaks for itself and we have the money to back it up. No amount is to big or to small. Deal with a respected and established local dealer, not out-of-town buyers that are here today and gone tomorrow.


  • ♦ 10K
  • ♦ 14K
  • ♦ 16K
  • ♦ 18K
  • ♦ 22K
  • ♦ 24K
  • ♦ Wedding Bands
  • ♦ Any Rings
  • ♦ Class Rings
  • ♦ Broken Jewelry
  • ♦ Earrings
  • ♦ Bracelets
  • ♦ Necklaces
  • ♦ Pendants
  • ♦ Charms
  • ♦ Platinum Jewelry
  • ♦ Wrist and Pocket Watches
  • ♦ Cameo's
  • ♦ Diamond Jewelry
  • ♦ Yellow Dental Gold

Plus thousands of other items wanted!

"If You Want To Be Paid the MOST, You Need To Visit Silver Coast!"

Silver Coast Coins
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